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CRUK Bioinformatics Summer School 2021: Functional Genomics

CRUK Cambdridge Centre.
21st - 27th July 2021: Zoom virtual school, University of Cambridge

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Functional genomics looks at the dynamic aspects of how the genome functions within cells, particularly in the form of gene expression (transcription) and gene regulation. This workshop surveys current methods for functional genomics using high-throughput technologies.

High-throughput technologies such as next generation sequencing (NGS) can routinely produce massive amounts of data. However, such datasets pose new challenges in the way the data have to be analyzed, annotated and interpreted which are not trivial and are daunting to the wet-lab biologist. This course covers state-of-the-art and best-practice tools for bulk RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data analysis, and will also introduce approaches in prognostic gene signatures.


Enthusiastic and motivated wet-lab biologists who want to gain more of an understanding of NGS data and eventually progress to analysing their own data


The course will include a great deal of hands-on work in R and at the command line. In order for you to make the most of the course we strongly recommend that you take an introductory course, or have sufficient experience in the following areas:

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During this course you will learn about:-


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Day 0 (July 20th )

**SOCIAL 18:00 - .. Informal get-together on Zoom with optional pub-quiz. Meet fellow attendees and some of your trainers.

School Shared document is here **

Day 1 (July 21st)

Zoom Virtual Training room.
July 221st - 27th 2021

Day 2 (July 22nd) - Bulk RNAseq

Day 3 (July 23rd)

**6pm SOCIAL: Zoom Talk: “Perspectives on AI by Rory Stark”. **

Weekend - recharge your batteries!

SOCIAL: Punting tour of Cambridge

SOCIAL: Virtual tour of Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

SOCIAL/WORK: Virtual tour of CRUK Cambridge Institute

SOCIAL: Aeriel 360 panoramas of Cambridge venues

WORK: For those who feel the need to brush up on their linux skills

WORK: For those wanting an R course with extensive use of Tidyverse

Day 4 (July 26th) Single Cell RNAseq continued

Day 5 (July 27th)

Course Feedback.

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