Bioinformatics Training Materials

Collaboration between Mark Dunning (CRUK Cambridge Institute) and Thomas Carroll (MRC Clincial Sciences)

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Course Index


  • An Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Experimental Design
  • Basic Unix
  • An Introduction to Genome Browsers
  • Intermediate

  • Analysis of High-throughput sequencing data with Bioconductor
  • R Graphics
  • Further Statistical Analysis Using R
  • Courses in Preparation

  • Intermediate R
  • Take your R skills to the next level with dplyr and ggplot2

  • Avoding data disasters
  • Learn how to organise your speadsheet data so they can be processed in languages such as R and Python.

    Forthcoming Events

    For details of Bioinformatics training courses in Cambridge, please see the Bioinformatics Core page on the CRUK Cambridge Institute website