Genome Browser Course

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Modern genomics technologies are able to produce large volumes of data that often leave researchers feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to begin the process of biological interpretation. In this course, we explain the common file formats generated by sequencing technologies and how they can be manipulated and explored by non bioinformaticians. The main tools that we will use are the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) and University of Santa Cruz (UCSC) genome browser.


  • Thomas Carroll
  • Mark Dunning
  • Shamith Samarajiwa
  • Sanjay Khadayate
  • Dora Bihary
  • Software Requirements.

  • The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) from the Broad Institute
  • A reasonable internet connection
  • Course Materials.

  • Introduction to File formats
  • Introduction to IGV
  • IGV Practical
  • Introduction to the UCSC genome browser
  • Practical materials from Open Helix
  • UCSC Genome Browser Introduction
  • UCSC Genome Browser Table Browser and Custom Tracks
  • UCSC Genome Browser Introduction Additional Tools