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Further Statistical Analysis Using R

For those that want to go further with stats and are familiar with R

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This course is a follow-on course to our Introductory Statistics course, including some topics that have been suggested by previous attendees. This course assumes basic knowledge of statistics and use of R, which would be obtained from our Introductory Statistics Course and Introduction to Solving Biological Problems with R run at the Genetics department (or equivalent). The course will cover linear regression, ANOVA and non-parametric ANOVA. It will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on time using RStudio to analyse data.

Course Materials

Cheatsheet of when to use each statistical test (pdf)

Manual (pdf) (R Script)

Lecture Slides ANOVA (pdf) Non-Parametic Methods (pdf) Linear Regression (pdf)

Online Quiz

R Practical

Course Data (.zip)


  • Select an appropriate test for analysing data
  • Analyse data using linear regression
  • Check the assumptions of linear regression are met by the data
  • Check the fit of the linear regression model to your data
  • Know when linear regression is not appropriate and have an idea of which alternative method might be appropriate
  • Analyse data using ANOVA
  • Know how to check that the ANOVA assumptions are met by the data
  • Know when to use which non-parametric version of ANOVA
  • Analyse data using non-parametric ANOVA
  • Know when you need to seek help with analysis as the data structure is too complex for the methods taught