This course was organized by the Bioinformatics Training Facility of the University of Cambridge and ELIXIR-UK. Financial support was provided by CRUK


This three day course is intended to open doors to applying statistics - whether directly increasing skills and personally undertaking analyses, or by expanding knowledge towards identifying collaborators. The end goal is to drive confident engagement with data analysis and further training - increasing the quality and reliability of interpretation, and putting that interpretation and subsequent presentation into the hands of the researcher. Each day of the course will deliver a mixture of lecture, workshop and hands-on practice.


Keynote lectures


During this course you will learn about:


After this course you should be able to:


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Shiny apps

To demonstrate some of the statistical concepts in the course, we have developed some Shiny apps.


We have an Etherpad for making notes and asking questions during the workshop
  • Etherpad for CRUK Bioinformatics Winter School 2016
  • Venue

  • Craik-Marshall room, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
  • We are extremely grateful to the Bioinformatics Training facility at the University of Cambridge for their support in hosting the event.